The fastest VSS & CCTV monitoring connections you’ve ever seen...

We've stood in your shoes, understand the frustrations you have. We're on a mission to fix more and more of them. Whether you call it CCTV or VSS (Video Surveillance Systems), Fenix is the clever  installer's way to hassle-free CCTV monitoring services

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Look how rapid Fenix response times are...

For 2020, our average response time for monitored CCTV events was just 9 seconds! And now in 2023, it's 8.7 seconds. Smashing our target of 20 seconds.
Fenix, Beating not Meeting  British Standards

Approved and audited - staying compliant with Fenix

NSI GoldFenix Monitoring are a member of British Security Industry AssociationFenix Monitoring are ISO 9001 accreditedFenix Monitoring are a member of SIAFenix Monitoring are ICO registeredFenix Monitoring are a member of IFPOCyber Essentials Certified Plusecho connected
"To ensure compliance, Fenix Monitoring maintain NSI Gold, IS0 9001, SIA and BS8418 accreditations."
Jim Gallon
Opalstone Group

Everything you need to keep your VSS and CCTV monitoring clients delighted...

  • Fast incident reports from humans - Reports are ready and sent straight away. So you (and your client) are kept in the loop. Here is your CCTV footage, escalation contacts pics, Police incident number. So you can contact your customer before they contact you.
  • Difficult connections solved - Whatever the challenge / difficulty you have experienced so far, we will OVERCOME it and customise to your needs. Say hello to the Fenix can-do culture. A CCTV monitoring company that asks YOU the right questions
  • Standard pricing for easy quotes - A camera is a camera so your CCTV monitoring costs are standardised. It is the same for all monitoring services - VSS and CCTV monitoring, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarm systems and Lone Workers. It's easy for us and simple for you to quote.
  • Front foot system health checks - You are notified when any of your CCTV cameras are down or faulty. Before your customer even notices! This monitoring service is always running. Login and see for yourself. Instantly!
  • State of the art AI - remote video analytics reduces false alarms substantially. Allowing our operatives the time to spot suspicious activity and live crime quickly. So your end-users enjoy the rapid response times you can confidently promise!
"Fenix Monitoring speaks to us about Alarm Management not just Monitoring, information and data is always there, being on the front foot with incident reports helps us present information in a professional way. They are first class."
Nick Southern
Davis Site Security

Fenix by numbers

For January through December 2020, Fenix made 36,426 human audio warnings & challenges. And contacted 43,416 keyholders.
That's a lot of criminal activity stopped!
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Helen McDonald

Fenix partner with the best in the Fire & Security services industry

Ajax - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreXtralis - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreGenetec - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreBT Redcare - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreCSL - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreAviglon - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreHikvision - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentrePyronix - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreSentinel - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreBritish Security Industry Association - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreSkills for Security - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentrePartizan - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentrePick Protection - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreStaySafe - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreOptex - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreCalipsaTexecom Monitor

How much of a difference would an easy enquiry to connection  process make to your CCTV installation business?

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With Fenix you get a CCTV monitoring (and management) partnership! Imagine, ALL your CCTV monitoring work without the hassle! And... your end-user is happy, knowing their monitored CCTV system is running as close to perfect as often as it possibly can. how's that for peace of mind!
  • Operators make your life easy - All operating teams are FULLY trained and understand our products. You will never hear... "sorry, we can't help you". Instead, you will hear "let's work together and sort this out".
  • Delighted to work with you - When next week's installation is around the corner and you have time to do it today? Let's work together. If you provide the paperwork, we will get you connected. There and then. Giving you time back to generate more business.
  • Transparency and Kaizen - If something goes wrong, we want to know. We don't hide from mistakes or back away when things could have gone better. We work with you to give your end user the CCTV monitoring services they are paying for. Everyone wins. It is a partnership!
  • Fenix connection documents - Fenix makes it easy. Your documents are sent to you within minutes. You will love how simple they are. We're not the CCTV monitoring station that keeps you tied up filling out long, complex forms!
  • Notified and informed - Open portal access with customisable notifications and escalation built in. You'll never be left hanging around for information.
Modern ARC monitoring and management partnership

Fenix, finally an ARC that understands installers...

  • Connected fast. Without unnecessary hassle
  • Your calls answered in a few rings...
  • Connection documents simplified and with you in minutes
  • Rapid incident reports, standard pricing for easy quotes, system health checks, skilled operators, lightning fast response times
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"l investigated the market thoroughly to partner with a Company that truly understood the challenges and set about combating them, Fenix are that company"
Robin Whatling
Sicuro Ltd.

Fire & Security installers who love a monitoring partnership with Fenix

Fenix Monitoring’s ARC partnership with CBES - City Building Engineering ServicesFenix Monitoring’s Alarm Receiving Centre partnership with ODS - Oxford Direct ServicesFenix Monitoring’s Alarm Receiving Centre partnership with Davis Site SecurityFenix have a CCTV, Intruder and Fire alarm monitoring partnership with Triton GroupFenix have an alarm monitoring partnership with Opal Stone GroupWatchtower Security SolutionsControl GroupFenix, modern ARC for iSecureWFG Fire & Security LtdAd Hoc SecurityDX3Fireandsecurity Plymouth-Devon

Decades of remote monitoring experience in these sectors











Is your CCTV monitoring service cost effective?

Yes. Is the simple answer. And better still we've simplifed everything for installers. So it's easy for you to calculate your CCTV monitoring costs. We're dedicated to making it easy for you to receive additional recurring revenue. And that starts with your quote.

This blog post shows you how easy CCTV monitoring costs are to work out with Fenix

What happens if something goes wrong?

Mistakes are an occupational hazard for any ARC. And even the UK's leading CCTV monitoring companies have times when things go wrong... It can happen to us all.

But... what does your Alarm Receiving Centre do when THEY make a mistake?

Read how Fenix proactively make things right again, restoring our client's faith. Immediately!
"our current move to Fenix Monitoring has been the easiest transfer I ever done in the industry, the team has been nothing but accommodating and helpful, they have gone above and beyond where possible and I honestly don't believe I could ask for more"
Craig Grundy
City of Liverpool Security
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A remote CCTV monitoring company that gets it right

How do I know your monitoring service is up to British Standards?

This blog post explains how Fenix make sure we provide the monitoring service you and your end-user deserve. Beating British standards is at the heart of the Fenix Experience...

Think about it for a minute... what difference would a remote monitoring service like this make to your business?

How can I be sure your service is better than what we get right now?

Simply, Fenix is a company that finds out what YOUR needs are... rather than imposing a sub-standard contract on you. Fenix is an ARC you can trust to provide you with the best possible monitoring service.

You can read how this pans out here - a real example with a real customer. A security manager who ended up with the monitoring service he wanted. It's really not too much to ask!

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