Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Do you require remote CCTV monitoring services? Here at Fenix Monitoring, we can provide you with the very best remote CCTV monitoring services that we know you will be more than satisfied with. At Fenix Monitoring, our team are the very best in the industry, they are all SIA licenced and specifically trained to comprehensively protect your property, assets and people. Without this incredible team, our remote CCTV monitoring services wouldn’t be what they are today. 

When choosing Fenix Monitoring for your remote CCTV monitoring services, we can assure you that all of our solutions will be infinitely future-proofed and scalable. The operating software platform that we use equips our operators to monitor and respond with all actions recorded and quality managed. Unlike the majority of platforms used by other companies, ours also enables bespoke reporting which can be accessed by you at any time via a secure password-protected portal.

Our remote CCTV monitoring services can be required for many different reasons. We work across a wide range of industries and assist companies of various sizes. No matter what your primary reason may be for needing these services, when you have remotely monitored CCTV it can deter intruders and immediate action is always taken to minimise both risk and damage. Whereas with unmonitored CCTV, footage can only be reviewed retrospectively, after the damage has been done. Our services are here to protect both your property and your staff and you can feel safe in the knowledge that when you opt to work with Fenix Monitoring that is guaranteed. 

Not only are our remote CCTV monitoring services incredibly effective, but they are also much cheaper than having a security guard at your premises. While a guard would have to be present for many hours to be effective, a remote CCTV system can keep an eye on your premises without the need for a physical presence. We are proud to provide an affordable budget-friendly service for our clients that works just as well as any other form of security.

To find out more about our remote CCTV monitoring services you can email us at and we endeavour to respond to all enquiries within one working day. Our experienced team will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with all of the additional information you require. If you would like to go ahead with our services and are simply looking for a quote then you can get a quick quote by completing our online form.

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