Who else connects your alarm & CCTV customers in 60 minutes flat at 4pm on a Friday?

Guaranteed… or your first year free!

And I’m not joking. A guarantee is a guarantee. We know we can deliver connections within an hour and so… We put our money where our mouth is. If we mess up, you get your first year with us free!

Of course there are caveats. But they're very simple. All you have to do is return our connection documents. Fully completed. And the clock starts ticking.

It’s not from when we can be bothered to look at them. The clock starts when we receive everything. Fully completed. Your connection will be done and dusted in 60 minutes or less.

And... it is usually a lot quicker.
Fenix guarantee to connect you in under an hour… or your first year free!
Fenix guarantee to connect you in under an hour… or your first year free!

Where else will you get a guarantee like that?

You know the answer as well as I do. Nowhere else.

So how come Fenix can offer the fastest connections you’ve ever seen? And guarantee them!

Well it all boils down to the Fenix Experience. We want everyone we work with to love working with us. Our clients, our prospects and partners...

So that means we MUST provide a great service. And to do that we set ambitious goals. We don’t simply meet  British Standards, we beat  them. And often we smash them!

On our CCTV Monitoring page, for example, you will see the following stat.
"For January through December 2020, our average response time for CCTV activations was just 9 seconds! Smashing our target of 20 seconds."
We smashed our own target. The average response time was 9 seconds. We were aiming for 20 seconds, while the usual target for British Standards is 90 seconds! So by setting ambitious goals and by making sure our entire team is bought into those goals... we beat them. And in the end we smash them.

In this case, your end user can enjoy response times at 10% of the usual target for British Standards. How's that for smashing goals!
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But what do response times have to do with fast monitoring connections?

Good point. Rapid response times are not the same thing as fast connections. Our lightning fast connections are achieved through…

Well why don’t you make an enquiry and we will tell you. And you can experience it for yourself.

Just so you know, these rapid responses and lightning fast connections are not limited to CCTV. No. You can expect the same level of service for Intruder Alarm monitoring, Fire Alarm monitoring AND Lone Worker monitoring.

The Fenix Experience means so much more...

For installers that means you can expect:
  • Innovation. Cutting-edge, intelligent technology combined with THE best practice in the industry.
  • Up to 90% fewer nuisance alarms. Proactive equipment health checks. AND incident reports sent immediately. Arming you with all the information you need to keep your end user happy.
  • To look competent, not unprofessional.
  • Us to find a way. So even the trickiest install... works.
  • An agile alarm management partnership.
Good, eh?

And our clients agree...
"We were struck on how quickly they were able to transfer our estate remotely. The time taken to put connections onboard is almost immediate, an engineer attends a site and the connection goes straight on inside the hour"
Nick Southern
Davis Site Security
"The speed of connection adoption and clear, educated communication has made not only the Engineers role more streamlined but our service more efficient."
Robin Whatling
Sicuro Ltd.
"Adding or transferring new sites is so simple. Made even easier by their excellent in house technical team."
Tony Britner

Find out for yourself just how good Fenix Monitoring is

It's easy to switch over to Fenix. Click the yellow button and use the Quick Quote form. We'll call you back ASAP. We'll agree the details and you're on board. Tell us about your connection and complete the document… and we'll connect you. In 60 minutes. Guaranteed*.
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