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AND we’re on a mission to fix them one by one…

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    A better, faster ARC monitoring service

    Christopher May, Finishing Manager from Saltash Enterprises was left in a tight spot. His usual ARC monitoring company had never worked with one particular system. They told him it would take a couple of weeks to be set up!

    Christopher didn't have a couple of weeks.

    While frantically searching for a solution, someone suggested Fenix.

    That conversation was at 10:58 am. By 12:48 pm he was emailing the testimonial below...

    Once your paperwork is complete, we'll have your system set up within the hour. In this case, it was 13 minutes...

    This is why installers love Fenix!
    "The ease, speed and customer service with which our system has been set up is second-to-none. Having had a bad run in with another monitoring company, everyone at Fenix went above and beyond anything that I was expecting and got our system running before I knew that it was being setup

    ...I wish everything was as easy as this has been with Fenix."
    Christopher May
    Saltash Enterprises Limited
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    Approved and audited - staying compliant with Fenix

    NSI GoldFenix Monitoring are a member of British Security Industry AssociationFenix Monitoring are ISO 9001 accreditedFenix Monitoring are a member of SIAFenix Monitoring are ICO registeredFenix Monitoring are a member of IFPOCyber Essentials Certified Plusecho connected

    Switching your Alarm Receiving Centre is easier than you can imagine...

    Switching with Fenix is easy...

    In 2020 we averaged 16 new installers every month. Once we receive completed connection documents, all services are...
    ...connected fast! Without unnecessary hassle!
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    Helen McDonald

    At last! A 21st century ARC that understands the installer’s point of view

    "When we first spoke to Fenix Monitoring we were struck on how quickly they were able to transfer our estate remotely. The time taken to put connections onboard is almost immediate, an engineer attends a site and the connection goes straight on inside the hour."
    Nick Southern
    Davis Site Security
    "Fenix send out any signalling equipment required on the same day. Adding or transferring new sites is so simple. Made even easier by their excellent in house technical team.."
    Tony Britner
    "Historically, our engineers had to commission sites through working hours. Monday - Friday. Now we can walk test and connect at weekends, 365 days a year! This level of service supersedes anything I have experienced over the years."
    Jim Gallon
    Opalstone Group
    "The speed of connection adoption and clear, educated communication has made not only the Engineers role more streamlined but our service more efficient.

    Fenix took on areas within our portfolio to problem solve and reduce our nuisance alarm count, leading to an upturn in genuine responses and improved client relations."
    Robin Whatling
    Sicuro Ltd.
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    Fire & Security installers who love a monitoring partnership with Fenix

    Fenix Monitoring’s ARC partnership with CBES - City Building Engineering ServicesFenix Monitoring’s Alarm Receiving Centre partnership with ODS - Oxford Direct ServicesFenix Monitoring’s Alarm Receiving Centre partnership with Davis Site SecurityFenix have a CCTV, Intruder and Fire alarm monitoring partnership with Triton GroupFenix have an alarm monitoring partnership with Opal Stone GroupWatchtower Security SolutionsControl GroupFenix, modern ARC for iSecureWFG Fire & Security LtdAd Hoc SecurityDX3Fireandsecurity Plymouth-Devon

    Decades of remote monitoring experience in these sectors











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      We use the information you provide to contact you about your monitoring products and services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

      Fenix: Your Monitoring Partner NOT a Competitor

      "We're thinking of changing our Alarm Receiving Centre because we're really concerned that our Monitoring Station has just started offering installations and maintenance...
      And they have access to ALL our customers"

      RELAX! We don't and we never will compete in your space. We're an independent Alarm Receiving Centre FULL STOP.

      You can rest assured that at Fenix we focus on giving you the best monitoring you could want for your VSS, CCTV or Alarm installation...

      And we're too busy beating British Standards to be muscling in on your customers...

      We are PARTNERS not competitors

      Switch your monitoring to Fenix
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