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Alarm Monitoring from Fenix - Beating not Meeting British Standards

Welcome to our great new Fenix Blog. Over the coming months, we'll update you with tips and info about how to make the best use of our services. AND... so much more.

The blog sits alongside our spanking new website from Lollipop. Between them, our website and blog show off our unique approach to CCTV & Alarm Monitoring (and Management).

We put the needs of you, our installers (and other customers) first. That's why we have Natalie, a dedicated Customer Experience professional in our team. Natalie Freakley has a mission to make our customers love their partnership with Fenix. A mission shared by the whole team…

First and foremost this means FAST connections with the minimum of fuss. And... we guarantee that.

Your connection will be up and running within the hour… OR you get the first year free!

Yes you read that right. Your first YEAR is FREE if we don't get you connected within 60 minutes! Even on a Friday at 4pm.

Have you ever seen anything like that anywhere else?

Have you seen any kind of guarantee at all from any other Alarm Receiving Centre?

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Who else connects your alarm & CCTV customers in 60 minutes flat at 4pm on a Friday?

Fenix guarantee to connect you in under an hour… or your first year free!

Guaranteed... or your first year free!

And I'm not joking. A guarantee is a guarantee. We know we can deliver connections within an hour and so… We put our money where our mouth is. If we mess up, you get your first year with us free!

Of course there are caveats. But they're very simple. All you have to do is return our connection documents. Fully completed. And the clock starts ticking.

It's not from when we can be bothered to look at them. The clock starts when we receive everything. Fully completed. Your connection will be done and dusted in 60 minutes or less.

And... it is usually a lot quicker.

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