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CCTV monitoring partnerships for Fire & Security installers

Alarm Monitoring From Fenix - Beating Not Meeting British Standards

Installers looking for CCTV monitoring partnerships that last can stop looking! Find out how working with Fenix means our partnerships assist your partnership with us! So you get the best possible service. Even if you're new to working with an ARC...

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CCTV monitoring employees - you're not a number

The Fenix Experience

We may treat our cameras the same but we always treat our CCTV monitoring employees as individuals. Not just a number.

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A CCTV monitoring company that asks YOU the right questions

A Remote Cctv Monitoring Company That Gets It Right

As a CCTV installation company or security manager, have you ever been left with a CCTV monitoring contract that's simply unsuitable?
If you have... all is not lost. Fenix is a company that wants to find out what YOUR needs are, not what we think you need. An ARC you can trust to provide you with the best possible monitoring service. At a fair price.

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CCTV monitoring costs: what INSTALLERS need to know

Cctv Monitoring

If you're a security system installation company, you may like the idea of adding CCTV monitoring services to the security you offer clients. The additional recurring revenue from (potentially) every CCTV installation won't hurt. While your customer's peace of mind is ensured and their premises are kept safer. It's a great idea. A win-win, right?

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Alarm Monitoring for the 21st Century

Alarm Monitoring From Fenix - Beating Not Meeting British Standards

Welcome to our great new Fenix Blog. Over the coming months, we'll update you with tips and info about how to make the best use of our services. AND... so much more.

The blog sits alongside our website built by Lollipop. Between them, our website and blog show off our unique approach to CCTV & Alarm Monitoring (and Management).

We put the needs of you, our installers (and other customers) first. That's why we have Natalie, a dedicated Customer Experience professional in our team. Natalie Freakley has a mission to make our customers love their partnership with Fenix. A mission shared by the whole team…

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