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Rage Against The Machine

Monitoring Triangle

The Fire and Security industry is constantly evolving. What do the latest technological changes mean for the alarm monitoring and management sector? Our Commercial Director, Kelly Knowles, has some thoughts...

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Winner! Winner! Award winning CCTV Monitoring station

Home Hero 4

Fenix, an award winning CCTV Monitoring station! For the second time in three years. The BSIA's British Security Awards was a great success. AND we're winners! Read about it all in this post

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Installers: Look how easy your CCTV remote monitoring can be

Fire Alarm Monitoring Hero

Fenix helped 131 new businesses to use remote monitoring services for the first time last year. Read this post to find out why installers like you love the Fenix Experience. And how we make it easy for you to build a nice new stream of regular income!

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The best CCTV monitoring service - even when it isn't?

Home Hero 4

Mistakes are an occupational hazard for any ARC. And even the very best remote CCTV monitoring service will make a mistake... eventually. How does your Alarm Receiving Centre behave when they make a mistake?

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Is your CCTV monitoring station BEATING British standards?

Kaizen - Working Out How To Beat British Standards

Is your CCTV monitoring station giving you the service you deserve? Beating British standards is at the heart of the Fenix Experience... and Kaizen makes sure we keep doing exactly that: beating not meeting British Standards

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