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Welcome to our blog, the ARC-Hive. Over the coming months we’ll update you with tips and info about how to make the best use of our Alarm monitoring  services. AND... so much more.

The blog sits alongside our website, built by Lollipop. Between them, our website and blog show off our unique approach to CCTV & Alarm Monitoring (and Management).

In a nutshell, we put the needs of you, our installers (and other customers) first. That’s why we added Natalie, our dedicated Customer Experience professional, to the team. Natalie Freakley has a mission to make our customers love their monitoring partnership with Fenix. A mission shared by the whole Fenix team…

First and foremost this means the FASTEST connection times you've ever known. And you're connections are completed with the minimum of fuss.

Putting our Installers first

Alarm Monitoring from Fenix - Beating not Meeting British Standards
Fenix Monitoring - Beating not Meeting  British Standards
Our clients love being put first. Here’s an example of why.

Jim Gallon from Opalstone Group described his customer experience as "supersed(ing) anything I have experienced over the years". He was referring to this...
"Historically, our engineers had to commission sites through working hours. Monday - Friday. Now we can walk test and connect at weekends, 365 days a year!"
Jim Gallon
Opalstone Group

Rapid response times you’ll hardly believe… until you experience them for yourself!

It’s not just connections that are fast. You should check out our response times for 2020.
  • CCTV - average response time was just 9 seconds!
  • Intruder Alarms - response times were just 4.1 seconds on average
  • Fire Alarms - response times were 3.6 seconds on average
  • Lone Worker - took an average of 3.9 seconds to respond to alarm activations!
We manage to deliver these lightning fast connections and rapid responses by embracing three things:
  1. training our staff well, so they know their stuff
  2. testing and employing the latest technology and cutting edge AI
  3. setting ambitious targets
All operating teams at Fenix are FULLY trained. Everyone you speak to understands our products. You will never hear... "sorry, we can't help you". Instead, you will hear "let's work together and sort this out". So even tricky installations that ordinary are taken on. And sorted out. Say hello to the Fenix can-do culture.

And because we put your needs first... when next week's installation is around the corner and you have time to do it today. We won't kick up a fuss. We're delighted to work with you. If you provide the paperwork, we will get you connected. There and then!

It's the kind of alarm monitoring service installers expect in the 21st Century...
And that means we embrace the latest technology and cutting edge AI. So our performance is sky high. Expect rapid incident reports, standard pricing for easy quotes, system health checks, skilled operators, lightning fast response times... 

Told you we put your needs first!
The last of these three things, ambitious targets are way beyond what we have to meet for accreditations. Because, at Fenix, we don't meet, we beat British Standards! For example, our Fire Alarm monitoring… (see below)
For January through December 2020, Fenix responded to 100% of Fire Alarm activations in under 30 seconds. Our average was rapid. Just 3.6 seconds!
We love data. And use it to keep pushing our service and your Customer Experience, to new levels. It’s all part of our secret... Kaizen. You can read about this on our Fenix Experience page.

Find out for yourself just how good Alarm monitoring  from Fenix is

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