CCTV monitoring costs: what INSTALLERS need to know

If you're a security system installation company, you may like the idea of adding CCTV monitoring services to the security you offer clients. The additional recurring revenue from (potentially) every CCTV installation won't hurt. While your customer's peace of mind is ensured and their premises are kept safer. It's a great idea. A win-win, right?

Hmmm, until you have to get the price for remote monitoring from your Alarm Receiving Centre... That's when things start to get complicated.
CCTV Monitoring Costs

Remote monitoring in the UK... is it over-complicated?

If you've had dealings with a CCTV monitoring company you'll know - many factors affect the cost of remote CCTV monitoring services. This usually includes things like the type of equipment installed, the size and location of the premises monitored as well as the type of cameras.

That means, as an installer, you need to provide a lot of information. For every CCTV installation, you want to monitor.

However, not at Fenix Monitoring. We look at your CCTV system differently. For instance, we believe that static, PTZ and IP cameras are much the same as any other CCTV camera.

So why would we charge differently for each type of camera?

Well, we don't. Monitored CCTV systems should be straightforward to cost.

Simplifying the pricing of your remote monitoring is important to Fenix because... our aim is to work with installers. To make your life easier! It's all part of the Fenix Experience our customers love and we're becoming increasingly famous for.

In this blog post, we'll show you how the pricing and quoting of your CCTV monitoring services needn't be confusing. So you can quote a price for CCTV monitoring right there on site. Without the painful, confusing conversation your current CCTV monitoring provider insists on.

What does a CCTV monitoring company do?

Okay, the basics first. Just in case you're completely new to monitoring services...

Your ARC (alarm receiving centre) is a 24/7 facility that receives signals from your CCTV system and other security devices. Trained security professionals then contact the emergency services - such as the police or fire brigade - when your site's security system or cameras are activated.

As an installer, you will need to factor in the cost of using an ARC when pricing your CCTV monitoring services. And, sadly, with most ARCs, that's when CCTV, security systems and crime prevention can get a little bit frustrating...
CCTV Monitoring
Making life easy for Installers starting with the CCTV Monitoring costs

When calculating your CCTV monitoring costs gets a bit silly...

We understand your pain. Our directors have been on the receiving end of CCTV monitoring price confusion from unsympathetic monitoring stations too. We were once installers. We've been there.

Please won't someone tell me how much monitoring these cameras will cost?

You're on a retail site. Your client wants to use cutting edge analytics and artificial recognition to enhance security and remove repeat shoplifters before they get in. There are 8 CCTV cameras you need your ARC to monitor. Four of the cameras are PTZ. You call your ARC...

Eventually, you get through. And then, it starts...

Your remote monitoring station insists on pointless complexity...

Endless questions. Like these:
  • Is it an open or closed site?
  • What kind of cameras do you have?
  • Static camera or PTZ?
  • Thermal or PIR cameras?
  • Is the site 24 hours?
  • How many activations will there be?
  • NVR or DVR?
On and on...

Try Fenix for a dramatically simplified way to calculate your CCTV monitoring costs

You're charged a flat rate to monitor each camera. No extras for PTZ cameras. Or thermals. A camera is a camera. And it will cost you £10 per camera per month to have your CCTV system monitored.

At Fenix, we treat all cameras equally. Because for monitoring purposes they are equal. There's no need to complicate things. Regardless of the CCTV system - if it is a camera, this is the cost for monitoring.

Pricing your site's CCTV monitoring yourself - without fuss!

Back on the retail site... and it is straightforward (as well as cost effective!). £10 per month per camera. That's 8 cameras, £80 per month. Add your mark up. And bingo. You're done.

But if you do need to call us. We answer the phone very quickly - in less than 10 seconds! And everyone you speak to can answer your questions.

Because Fenix makes it surprisingly simple to calculate the cost of monitoring any CCTV system...

When security system installers switch over to the easy life with Fenix, we're often met with disbelief. Even seasoned security installers who've been around for decades are amazed at just how simple we've made our CCTV monitoring costs. People say things like: 

"Ok, that's the price for the CCTV monitoring, what about the connection cost?" 


"Isn't there extra to pay for the scheduling?" 

"How much will it cost if there are too many activations?" 

Not an issue. None of it! 

Instead, it's this flat amount for each camera you've got. Simple. Standardised, fixed costs. So you can quote the price for CCTV monitoring services right there, on-site. Instead of having to go back and forth with your ARC. Gathering endless information about the different cameras. 

And then waiting six weeks for a quote... sigh!
"Fenix Monitoring speaks to us about Alarm Management not just Monitoring, information and data is always there, being on the front foot with incident reports helps us present information in a professional way. They are first class."
Nick Southern,

Simplified prices, excellent customer experience and exceptionally priced CCTV monitoring

As I said, we've been in your shoes. We understand that you MUST be able to quote for remote monitoring quickly and easily but... OUR service MUST be cost-effective too. 

Our prices are fixed, regardless of the type of cameras installed or the size of the premises being monitored. So you can be sure you're getting a fair price for your CCTV monitoring. 

But it's not just about the cost - £10 per month per camera for CCTV monitoring. No, you will love our service too. Here's what you can expect:
  • Innovation. Cutting-edge visual verification, facial recognition and audio challenges (we made 36,426 in 2020!)
  • THE best practices in the security industry.
  • Criminal activity to be spotted, challenged and appropriate action taken
  • Up to 90% fewer false alarms. Proactive equipment health checks.
  • Your incident reports are sent immediately. Arming you with all the information you need to keep your end-user happy.
  • To look competent, not unprofessional.
  • Us to find a way. So even the trickiest install... works.
  • An agile alarm management partnership.

Reliable CCTV monitoring works faster for a better installer experience!

Look how rapid Fenix response times are...
For January through December 2020, our average response time for CCTV activations was just 9 seconds! Smashing our target of 20 seconds.

Fenix, Beating not Meeting British Standards
Fenix helps installers help UK businesses reduce risk, stop theft and keep that unwanted intruder OUT before he causes trouble. Everything we do is aimed at making the Fenix Experience better. 

Here's how that works. The majority of monitoring stations aim to meet British standards. At Fenix, however, we don't think like that. We have higher targets... 

For example, if you need 98.5% to comply with the British standard. That is our starting point. The remaining 1.5% is what we work on. Chipping away. Continuously improving.

So not only do we exceed the British Standard now, but our CCTV monitoring service keeps improving. That's the Fenix Experience our customers love.
"I investigated the market thoroughly to partner with a company that truly understood the challenges and set about combating them, Fenix are that company"
Robin Whatling,
Sicuro Ltd.

Installers LOOK - fixed pricing for monitoring ALL the CCTV cameras in your system

Everyone at Fenix buys into the Fenix Experience. And our flat monitoring rate for cameras is one piece of that. Just one way we make life easier for installers 

You should choose Fenix Monitoring because we care more and love what we do. Our people are well trained, understand our product inside out. AND give you everything you need to improve the security services you offer and delight your end-users. 

You'll love the Fenix Experience...
To find out more about our remote CCTV monitoring services, please get in touch. We'll answer the phone in a few rings and our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Set up is easier than you can imagine.
It's easy to switch over to Fenix. Click the yellow button and use the Quick Quote form. We'll call you back ASAP. We'll agree the details and you're on board. Tell us about your connection and complete the document….
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