CCTV monitoring employees - you're not a number

Not a number!

Employees come first at Fenix Monitoring!Our roots are in our people: the Fenix name was even chosen by one of our CCTV monitoring employees!

We are the sum of our combined personalities and efforts. And inclusivity and employee engagement are huge here.

But this also means that, if it impacts our employees, it impacts Fenix. And, if it impacts Fenix, it impacts our employees.
Better staff for a better Fenix experience
CCTV monitoring employees are never just a number at Fenix

Our CCTV monitoring employees and the cost of living crisis

Aaron Spicer - Fenix Team Leader
Fenix is already a proud leader for employee pay rates in the sector, along with bonus payments and business profit shares.

But, back in March 2022, it became clear that the top challenge our CCTV monitoring employees would be facing is the rising cost of living.

So the senior management team also agreed a large hourly increase for all staff.

We wanted to show how much we appreciate them, especially in these difficult times.

This has already been gratefully welcomed by many of the team as a significantly positive impact to them.
"The last thing you should be worried about when at work is how much you get paid"

Wages, reviews and risks to our Fenix team

There was a great story on LinkedIn about a business owner increasing a team member's
wage. When the team member said thank you, the owner replied:

"The last thing you should be worried about when at work is how much you get paid"

This really resonated with our core values. So Fenix has also committed to quarterly reviews and will continue to track the risk the rising cost of living poses to our team. We will continue to support our CCTV monitoring employees in line with Fenix Monitoring's original vision that you're not a number.

And we will continue to listen...

CCTV Monitoring Employees - individuals not numbers

We may treat our cameras the same but we always treat our employees as individuals. If working with a CCTV Monitoring company that treats their employees right is important to you, you've come to the right place
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