CCTV monitoring partnerships for Fire & Security installers

A huge part of the Fenix Experience involves partnerships with third parties such as governing bodies and technology solutions.

This allows us to work with partners to provide the best service we possibly can for our clients. Installers just like you. Even if you’re new to working with an ARC.

Fenix partner with the best in the Fire & Security services industry

Ajax - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreXtralis - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreGenetec - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreBT Redcare - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreCSL - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreAviglon - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreHikvision - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentrePyronix - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreSentinel - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreBritish Security Industry Association - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreSkills for Security - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentrePartizan - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentrePick Protection - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreStaySafe - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreOptex - making Fenix Monitoring a better Alarm Receiving CentreCalipsaTexecom Monitor

Partnering with the best technologies is one way to ensure our clients get a fantastic service. This attitude is highlighted in a recent interview with Optex. A partnership providing cutting-edge security response services.

Optex - integrating intruder and CCTV to make visual verification faster and easier

The OPTEX Intelligent Visual Monitoring solution integrates separate intruder and CCTV systems to work side by side as a seamless intelligent visual monitoring solution.

This means Intruder alarms can now be visually verified within seconds. When an alarm occurs, a signal is instantly sent to Fenix. Your operator can then view images before and after the alarm and easily determine if the alarm is genuine.

Far fewer false alarms. Greater efficiency - fast and easy and accurate. And happier end-users. What’s not to like?

In an article announcing the partnership with OPTEX on Carl Meason said
“Fenix Monitoring continues its mission of partnering with the most innovative companies out there, and delivering products and services that are industry leading. In joining forces with OPTEX, we have added another technology partner that can help us build the very best monitoring solutions for our customers.”
Look how rapid Fenix response times are...
For 2020, our average response time for CCTV activations was just 9 seconds! And now in 2022, it's 8.4 seconds. Smashing our target of 20 seconds.

Fenix, Beating not Meeting British Standards

Fenix - helping installers get started with CCTV monitoring

We’re keen to get the message out there. In another recent interview with Tom Ford of the BSIA, Carl Meason, the Fenix MD, said:
“Fenix has brought 131 new businesses that have never used monitoring services before into the ARC sector pool in the past 12 months. This has been achieved by removing barriers and positively developing the customer’s experience. Everything Fenix does is done with a view to the long term”
Working with the best ensures our clients get fantastic CCTV monitoring partnerships
Working with the best ensures our clients get fantastic CCTV monitoring partnerships

BSIA membership and engaging with the industry

At Fenix, we are pushing for truly 21st Century partnerships that continually improve. Joining the BSIA was one way to get that message across. In the same interview Carl continues:
"When we initially developed Fenix Monitoring we wanted to find ways to engage with the industry, be part of leading the conversation and strive for some influence in our sector. As a new and emerging business, we needed to carefully consider how we could do this in the most direct and effective way.

The BSIA helped us in our initial stages to have this voice and be a key stakeholder. As Fenix has developed and we have engaged further, this voice, and our relationship with the BSIA has positively evolved.

The real value comes when you engage though. We have lost count of the new connections, relationships and ideas that have been ‘sparked’ from being involved.
"Fenix are excellent at building relationships which makes any processes easier. They are quick to assist with creating any bespoke reports for customer information.

We have worked with Fenix (in various guises) over the past 8 years and have always found them to be friendly and very professional"
Tony Britner

Installers, why you should partner with Fenix…

You should choose Fenix because…

We care more and love what we do. Our people are well trained, understand our product inside out. AND give you everything you need to delight your end users. You can think of the Fenix Experience as a 21st century alarm monitoring partnership that truly understands the installer’s point of view.

Fenix will never leave you in the lurch. You’re always kept informed. So your partnership with Fenix ensures you look good to your end user. Here's what a ground-breaking partnership with Fenix looks like compared to a typical ARC
Fenix Monitoring Typical ARC
Skilled staff provide human challenge to prevent crime No adaption or situation awareness to prevent crime
Proactive system health check Reactive, incident reveals the fault
You are connected fast. Without unnecessary hassle Many barriers to connect, wasting your time and money
Work with you to make monitoring connections happen Dismissive attitude to challenging connections
Provide proof of value to your clients No consideration of proving your value
Deliver incident information instantly Delayed information, putting you on the back foot

Why will you love the Fenix Experience?

Here’s what you can expect from Fenix:
  • Innovation - Cutting-edge, intelligent technology combined with THE best practice in the industry.
  • Up to 90% fewer nuisance alarms - Proactive equipment health checks. AND incident reports sent immediately. Arming you with all the information you need to keep your end user happy.
  • To look competent, not unprofessional...
  • We'll find a way. So even the trickiest install... works
  • An agile alarm management partnership
"Having previously utilised other Alarm Receiving Centres and being subject to their flaws, I investigated the market thoroughly to partner with a Company that truly understood the challenges and set about combating them, Fenix are that company.

The speed of connection adoption and clear, educated communication has made not only the Engineers role more streamlined but our service more efficient.

Fenix took on areas within our portfolio to problem solve and reduce our nuisance alarm count, leading to an upturn in genuine responses and improved client relations."
Robin Whatling
Sicuro Ltd.

A CCTV monitoring partnership you'll love

Helen McDonald - Fenix Company Secretary
Give Fenix a call, 0330 055 2223 or click the yellow button and use the Quick Quote form. We'll call you back ASAP. We'll be delighted to help.

You’ll speak to a real human being. Ready to listen, understand and help with your business. Never a hard nosed sales person desperate to grab your business and meet this month's sales target…
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"From the outset, we were looking to partner and standardise connections with a monitoring station that not only supported the highest quality platforms in the industry, such as Immix Cloud, Sentinel and Webeye, but they also needed to deliver the best in class customer service.

Carl Meason (MD) really took the time to understand our requirements, and client expectations. 

Historically, our engineers had to commission sites through working hours... Now we can walk test and connect at weekends, 365 days a year! 

This level of service supersedes anything I have experienced over the years"
Jim Gallon
Opalstone Group
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