Is your CCTV monitoring station BEATING British standards?

To be fully accredited by the NSI, your remote CCTV monitoring station must MEET British Standards. And, of course, they will be audited to make sure they do! For Fenix those standards are:
  • BS7858:2012
  • BS5979:2007
  • BS8418:2015
  • BS8484:2016
This is the whole point... As installers you’re looking for ARC to have the relevant accreditations. So you're sure that the Alarm Receiving Centre you're looking at can do the job you need them to do. Great.

But is it?

All too often we meet CCTV installation companies who are disappointed in the monitoring services they receive. Problems like:
  • Delays in getting your transfers or connections up and running
  • Inaccurate or incomplete reports that take ages to arrive
  • Too many missed incidents. That cost you: time, money and credibility with your end user!
  • Slow responses
It can be bad for installers. So bad that it feels like you are little more than a nuisance...
CCTV monitoring station
Does your CCTV Monitoring Company have the installer's point of view in mind?

Here's something else to look for...

Something that ensures the CCTV monitoring station you choose is better than the current ARC you’re unhappy with… Take a moment.

Imagine if your Alarm Receiving Centre didn't just meet British Standards... What if they did more?

What if your new ARC took its remote CCTV monitoring work so seriously that its monitoring team went beyond British Standards?

Day in. Day out.

A remote CCTV monitoring company with professional staff who take pride in their work. Dedicated to BEATING British standards. Not just meeting them...

What difference would a remote monitoring service like that make to your business?

A remote CCTV monitoring station that goes beyond simply meeting British Standards

An ARC that ALWAYS gives you rapid response times?! At Fenix, we either comfortably beat or smash those British Standard response times. I'll give you an example.

The British Standards for CCTV responses are:
  • 98.5% under 180 seconds
  • 80% under 90 seconds
In 2020 the average responses our Fenix clients enjoyed were:
  • 98.91% were under 180 seconds
  • 96.24% were under 90 seconds
We set our own target for the average CCTV responses - 20s. We smashed that too. Here are the latest response times:
  • 2020 - 9 seconds
  • 2021 - 8.4 seconds
  • 2022 - 8.4 seconds
Obviously, we're still working to better that 8.4 seconds this year.

So, how do these rapid responses help your installation business?

Efficiency. Helps to keep your end-users happy. Because you get an almost immediate response from your remotely monitored CCTV systems if an incident happens.

So your end-user enjoys a faster Police response. Or security guards on site in a flash. And generally happier emergency services. All round.

Criminals do less damage. More business premises are kept secure. Peace of mind is restored!
Look how rapid Fenix response times are...
For 2020, our average response time for CCTV activations was just 9 seconds! And now in 2022, it's 8.4 seconds. Smashing our target of 20 seconds!

Fenix, Beating not Meeting British Standards

So, how do these rapid responses help your installation business?

Efficiency. Helps to keep your end-users happy. Because you get an almost immediate response from your remotely monitored CCTV systems if an incident happens.

So your end-user enjoys a faster Police response. Or security guards on site in a flash. And generally happier emergency services. All round.

Criminals do less damage. More business premises are kept secure. Peace of mind is restored!

Fast response times and so much more...

Efficiency comes in more ways than the monitoring of remote CCTV cameras. For example:
  • Incident reports are fast. Delivered immediately in nearly real-time.
  • 90% fewer nuisance activations

Okay. Okay. Enough bragging... how on earth can you do all of this?

Efficiency is an integral part of the Fenix Experience. Or rather, IMPROVING efficiency is. It's Kaizen - continuous improvement. This means your Fenix Experience keeps getting better. Because we're not JUST interested in BEATING (or smashing) British Standards. We keep chipping away at the targets we set ourselves.


If you aim to meet that target, you’ll never exceed it.

The 98.5% CCTV response time is the British standard. And that is our starting point. But it's the 1.5% that we’re really interested in.

We’re always chipping away at that 1.5%... Shaving fractions off it. You probably noticed that we're at 98.91%. Which is comfortably above the standard. There's not a lot of room for improvement. But we still keep chipping away.

Kaizen is at the heart of everything we do at Fenix. So you benefit from a level of service you won’t get with a regular ARC. It’s the Fenix Experience you’ll love as one of our customers.

And, see what Craig Grundy of City of Liverpool Security says about our transfers:

"how easy the transfer to Fenix Monitoring has been... I have worked with several monitoring stations... I think it worth mentioning that our current move to Fenix Monitoring has been the easiest transfer I ever done in the industry... and I honestly don't believe I could ask for more... I feel we have more of a peace of mind than with our previous monitoring stations."
Craig Grundy
City of Liverpool Security
We're sure there are other leading CCTV monitoring companies that operate in a similar way... But with our Kaizen culture, you receive a service that goes way beyond the British standards we are obliged to meet.

Beating British standards doesn't stop with your remote CCTV monitoring system...

Kaizen doesn't apply to remote CCTV monitoring alone... And that's why we apply continuous improvement to ALL the security monitoring services we offer. Look at the average response times across the services we offer.
Kaizen - your CCTV Monitoring Station beating British Standards
You can see the improvements across the board. CCTV, Intruder, Fire and Lone Worker responses have had their average response times improved.

The entire team is involved in shaving those response times. Everyone attends and can contribute to the stand-up meetings we hold twice a day. So if someone has an idea from an interaction with a client or a partner it's not forgotten. It's presented. And if it has legs we'll see if that idea can help.

And then there's the Monitoring Triangle...

Beating British standards doesn't stop with your remote CCTV monitoring system...

Monitoring Triangle
If you want to have properly functioning security solutions protecting your site... all three points of the Monitoring Triangle have to work together. Harmoniously.

Sadly, for most installers and end-users, it doesn't always work that way.

At Fenix, we work hard to keep the communication going between the three points of the Monitoring Triangle - us the ARC, you the installer and your end-user. It's something we're very keen to make happen. It's Kaizen, again!

How the Monitoring Triangle works in practice...

As the ARC, we're at the top of the triangle because the buck stops with us. If something goes wrong, fingers are usually pointed to your remote CCTV monitoring station, right?

After all, we handle every alarm activation. So if criminals get past your CCTV surveillance system... most people will blame the ARC.

One way we limit mistakes to the bare minimum is by building a solid relationship with you, the CCTV installer. But it also requires you to work well with your end-user. And when that happens, that's when the Monitoring Triangle works in harmony.

It makes sure the essential housekeeping is done. Things like:
  • cobwebs removed from zoom cameras
  • sales flags on forecourts kept out of the way
  • fences up to speed
  • bushes cut back from the sightline of your CCTV cameras
So we can do our job effectively - challenging criminals in the act and stopping crimes before they happen.

But the Monitoring Triangle works both ways. We encourage you to talk to us. Tell us about any security risks you’ve noticed. So we can look out for those and alleviate them.

That's why the Monitoring Triangle has arrows pointing to and from each point! And that’s how it works to improve the security on your end-user’s sites.

Your end user will love this level of service. Here’s an example of the Monitoring Triangle in action…

Getting the most from Calipsa analytics AND your CCTV cameras

One of our clients had a camera in a bad position. Calipsa would pick up the motion. But because the camera was on the wrong side of the door... our guys back in the remote monitoring station could only see the back of the door. Ooops.

So we informed the installer and the end-user. Now the housekeeping can take place. And the camera can be repositioned so we can see WHO is causing the motion. Friend or foe!

The Monitoring Triangle works better when...

When our installers let us talk directly to the end-user. That's when we've really cracked it. A nice free flow of communication with one goal in mind. More effective security.

That's the point. Isn't it?

I must stress that any feedback we give is in good grace. We're not picking faults. We're just looking for ways to make your end user's security more effective. And to stop the bad guys.
Kaizen - working out how to beat British Standards
Kaizen - setting targets to beat British Standards

The end result?

You get a proper security solution with an effectively monitored CCTV system from your remote monitoring station. Brilliant.

Better still. Because these conversations keep happening. The feedback works both ways. Your end-user's security only gets better. And they will love you for it.

Looking beyond accreditations to find a remote CCTV monitoring station you can really work with...

If you're looking for a CCTV monitoring company that ticks all of these boxes... of course, you have the five key areas to consider:
  1. NSI or SSAIB accreditation
  2. Rapid responses to activations
  3. Reputation
  4. Flexibility - tailoring monitoring services to your needs. And taking on difficult jobs
  5. Experience - nothing beats industry experience, on both sides of the CCTV monitoring fence!
Everyone looks at these.

But if you want to find a superior remote CCTV monitoring station to look after your estate... don't forget to ask about BEATING British Standards. Meeting standards is obligatory, everyone does this.

Beating them is a sign that you can forge an agile CCTV monitoring partnership. That will only make your end user’s security more efficient.

The Fenix Experience - more than just another CCTV monitoring station

Everyone at Fenix buys into the Fenix Experience. And Beating not Meeting British standards is just one way we make life easier for Installers. You can read how our flat monitoring rate for CCTV cameras is another way. But there are more reasons to switch to Fenix. 

You should choose Fenix Monitoring because we care more and love what we do. Our people are well trained, understand our product inside out. AND give you everything you need to improve the security services you offer… and delight your end-users. 

You'll love the Fenix Experience... 

To find out more about our remote CCTV monitoring services, please get in touch. We'll pick up the phone in a few rings and our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions. 

Set up is easier than you can imagine.

It's easy to switch over to Fenix. Click the yellow button and use the Quick Quote form. We'll call you back ASAP. Agree the details. And that's you, on board. Tell us about your connection and complete the connection documents… and we'll connect you.

Click the button to get started.
Yes... I want the Fenix Experience
Isn't it time your CCTV monitoring company provided the service you deserve?
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