Installers: Look how easy your CCTV remote monitoring can be

Providing a CCTV remote monitoring service for your clients seems like a great idea. A nice new stream of regular income... is always welcome. But implementing it can be a big step.

After all, you'll be responsible for ensuring the emergency services respond to a genuine alarm activation or incoming CCTV footage of suspicious activity. While ignoring false alarms that could inconvenience your client, his/her key holder, other emergency services or security professionals.

It's crucial you choose the best alarm receiving centre to partner with. This blog post will help you do that, by showing you how easy monitoring your client's CCTV systems can be!
"Fenix has bought 131 new businesses that have never used monitoring services before into the ARC sector pool in the past 12 months. This has been achieved by removing barriers and positively developing the customer’s experience. Everything Fenix does is done with a view to the long term"
Carl Meason, BSIA interview

Three things installers MUST look out for when choosing a remote CCTV monitoring station

Taking on the responsibility of your client's remote monitoring service can end up being more hassle than it's worth. First, you have to negotiate the signup process. This can be a thumping headache in its own right - some ARCs don't make it easy! 

Second, you need to know you'll be looked after if, or when, things go wrong. And that doesn't just mean when your client's site suffers some criminal activity. No. Sadly any monitored CCTV system is open to errors happening. For one simple fact. 

Humans make mistakes... 

When people are involved, mistakes happen. It happens to the best of us. What's important to you is how your CCTV monitoring station reacts to a mistake. Are you left to pick up the pieces OR, like Fenix, will your ARC (alarm receiving centre) hold up their hands AND put things right. 

You can read how honest Fenix is about the few mistakes we make AND how we swiftly fix them in this blog post - the best CCTV monitoring service - even when it isn't... 

And third. You need to look at the long term. How you can build a lasting partnership with your remote monitoring station. At Fenix, that means the Monitoring Triangle... our way of collaborating with you and your client to make their security as effective as possible. 

We'll start with the signup of your clients for remotely monitored CCTV systems. What you can expect...

Signing up for remote CCTV monitoring shouldn't be hard

When you first receive the connection forms from your monitoring station, what do you think?

"OMG... there's so much to fill out!"

It's often very daunting.

And worse, many an alarm receiving centre will leave you to it.

"Here's your form. Off you go"

And you're left to your own devices.

The sales guy will have whispered sweet nothings and promised the world, but...

Once you're passed over to Operations. You're on your own. And it's too late. You've signed the contract.
At Fenix we care - we're here to help make your CCTV remote monitoring journey easy
I want to find out more about the Fenix Experience
Isn't it time the CCTV monitoring company that you partner with made your life easy?

When your CCTV remote monitoring centre doesn't care...

Even if you do manage to wade through excessively long and detailed forms... your headache can start to thump even more because...

Instead of providing the little bit of help you need to get started... you'll hear unhelpful things from your alarm receiving centre. Things like:
  • have you filled the form in properly?
  • have you sent the signal through properly?
  • have you completed the commissioning?
The person on the phone doesn't care. You're just another box to tick. It's as easy as getting a straight answer from HMRC! Many leading CCTV monitoring companies behave like this. Sadly, they've become too big. 

But your introduction to monitoring CCTV systems for your clients needn't be like this. At Fenix, we're all about removing barriers. Making it easy to make CCTV monitoring work for installers AND your clients.
Your CCTV remote monitoring can be easy

How Fenix makes signing up for monitored CCTV cameras easy and hassle-free

At Fenix, our staff care. So the first thing we do is make our connection forms… simple. And only request the absolutely necessary information. Nothing more. So...

If it's your first time organising remote CCTV monitoring...

We'll help you with the form. Our guys will walk you through it. So your first connection is easy. And you know exactly what to do for your second.

And that care continues...

Your remote CCTV and alarm monitoring journey

Fenix teaches you or shows you how easy remote CCTV monitoring can be:

Easy monitored CCTV connections, transfers and pricing

Most ARCs over-complicate things. Even the pricing can get a little bit frustrating...

Your remote monitoring station may insist on endless questions about the CCTV cameras you need monitoring. Such as:
  • Is it an open or closed site?
  • What kind of cameras do you have?
  • Static camera or PTZ?
  • Thermal or PIR cameras?
  • Is your site 24 hours?
  • How many activations will there be?
  • NVR or DVR?
On and on...

But, it doesn't need to be complicated. Really.

Fenix uses a standard CCTV monitoring pricing model. So you get simple, fixed prices for the remote CCTV monitoring you offer. Allowing you to provide your quote right there on site.

Nice and simple.

How does this simple monitored CCTV pricing work?

You're charged a flat rate to monitor each CCTV camera. No extras for PTZ cameras. Or thermals. A camera is a camera. And it will cost you £10 per camera per month to have your CCTV system monitored.

At Fenix, we treat all cameras equally. Because for monitoring purposes they are equal. There's no need to complicate things.

How's that for an easy to implement, cost-effective solution. For ALL installers!

Installers love how easy we've made CCTV monitoring

We'll let some of our clients explain how easy Fenix make connections and transfers:
"Resounding positive feedback about their first class service, their competitively priced packages, and the speed and ease with which they establish new connections etc."
Tony Britner
But when we transfer whole estates without fuss. Even when your CCTV system has lots of cameras. That's when people get really pleased. And we get feedback like this:
"Resounding positive feedback about their first class service, their competitively priced packages, and the speed and ease with which they establish new connections etc."
Nick Southern
Davis Site Security
But the best comments come when we transfer large estates. Or when particularly difficult remote CCTV monitoring services transfer beautifully. Things like this from Craig:
"I have worked with several monitoring stations... our current move to Fenix Monitoring has been the easiest transfer I ever done in the industry... I honestly don't believe I could ask for more"
Craig Grundy
City of Liverpool Security

Mistakes, Fenix Monitoring and Kaizen!

It's worth mentioning again. Mistakes are an occupational hazard for any Alarm Receiving Centre. Remotely monitored CCTV is a minefield. There are false alarms here, a missed visual verification over there and broken CCTV cameras... It goes on and on. We’re not complaining. It's part of the job.

But it means that, no matter how stringent we are as your ARC, occasional mistakes will always be an occupational hazard of the remote CCTV monitoring work we or other ARCs do for you.

What matters to you the installer is how your monitoring station behaves when something, inevitably, goes wrong. And that's where Kaizen comes into play.
Kaizen & the Fenix Experience

Kaizen, remote CCTV monitoring and your ARC

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means "improvement" or "change for the better." In business, Kaizen is a philosophy or system that focuses on the continuous improvement of processes and products. 

Kaizen is a HUGE part of the Fenix Experience. And something our clients love. 

Adopting the Kaizen philosophy for remotely monitored CCTV systems reduces the number of mistakes... to the bare minimum. By constantly evaluating and improving processes, adopting the latest technology and partnering with innovative technology companies Fenix become more efficient and accurate in our work. 

Great for you and your end-user! 

Here's an example of how that plays out...

A remote CCTV monitoring station that goes beyond simply meeting British Standards

At Fenix, we either comfortably beat or smash British Standard response times. We’ll give you an example.

The British Standards for CCTV responses are:
  • 98.5% under 180 seconds
  • 80% under 90 seconds
In 2020 the average responses our Fenix clients enjoyed were:
  • 98.91% were under 180 seconds
  • 96.24% were under 90 seconds
We set our own target for the average CCTV responses - 20s. We smashed that too. Here are the latest response times:
  • 2020 - 9 seconds
  • 2021 - 8.4 seconds
  • 2022 - 8.4 seconds
Obviously, we're still working to better the 8.4 seconds this year. But this is a great example of how we roll. And how Kaizen is a huge part of that.

Partnerships and the Monitoring Triangle

Fenix works with you to provide a remote monitoring experience you will love. And a security solution your end-users love. To ensure this we employ the Monitoring Triangle (see below).
Monitoring Triangle
For a truly efficient security solution, all three points of the Security Triangle must work together. Harmoniously. 

Sadly, for most installers and end-users, it doesn't always work that way. 

At Fenix, we work hard to keep the communication going between the three points of the Monitoring Triangle - us the ARC, you the installer and your end-user. This is all part of what makes Kaizen happen!

How the Monitoring Triangle works in practice...

The way we limit mistakes to the bare minimum is by building a solid relationship with you, the CCTV installer. But it also requires you to work well with your end-user.

Together we’ll make sure the essential housekeeping is done. Things like:
  • cobwebs removed from zoom cameras
  • sales flags on forecourts kept out of the way
  • fences maintained and up to speed
  • bushes cut back from the sightline of your CCTV cameras
So we can do our job effectively - challenging intruders in the act and stopping crimes before they happen.

But the Monitoring Triangle works both ways. Unlike many ARCs, we actively encourage you to talk to us. Tell us about any security risks you’ve noticed. So we can look out for those. And fix them.

That's why the Monitoring Triangle has arrows pointing to and from each point! And that’s how it works to improve the security solution you provide for your end-users.

This is how we build an enhanced security solution that works for you, us and your end-user.

In fact, your end-user will love this level of service. And you'll love partnering with Fenix

Fenix - making your CCTV remote monitoring easy and profitable

Fenix is committed to removing the barriers affecting installers new to partnering with a CCTV monitoring station. We make the process of setting up remote CCTV monitoring easy and hassle-free for installers. So you can focus on providing the best possible security solutions to your clients.

This means you'll love the Fenix Experience. You'll coast through the sign-up process with simple forms and caring staff. And enjoy a long-term partnership using the Monitoring Triangle so any mistakes we may make are fixed rapidly.

Even better, at Fenix, we're constantly improving our processes and adopting the latest technology. Meaning you'll always receive an efficient and responsive CCTV monitoring service that goes way beyond meeting British Standards.

You'll love the Fenix Experience...

To find out more about our remote CCTV monitoring services, please get in touch. We'll pick up the phone in a few rings and our staff will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Set up is easier than you can imagine.

It's easy to switch over to Fenix. Click the yellow button and use the Quick Quote form. We'll call you back ASAP. Agree on the details. And that's you, on board. Tell us about your connection and complete the connection documents… and we'll connect you.

Click the button to get started.
I want to find out more about the Fenix Experience
Isn't it time the CCTV monitoring company that you partner with made life easy?
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