Winner! Winner! Award winning CCTV Monitoring station

Not just another blog post blowing our own trumpet… Fenix win, again! Fenix are an Award winning CCTV monitoring station. Again…

You know the kind of thing. But no.

That would be far too boastful. AND boring.

Instead, this post is about what makes Fenix unique and our larger goal.

So that's things like Kaizen (continuous improvement), the well-appreciated Fenix Experience our clients enjoy and that larger goal…

Carl Meason, Managing Director of Fenix Monitoring, sums this up:
"Because our goal is to change Monitoring and the perception of the Monitoring sector, this second award is affirmation from the security community that we are on the right track."
Changing the perception of the monitoring sector is a BIG goal. And something we take very seriously. So, of course being recognised by the industry is highly gratifying.

And it was a great night too. And an in-person event this year… great after the recent disruption

BSIA’s British Security Awards

The annual BSIA Awards honour and recognise businesses and individuals working within the professional security industry. And are the BSIA's flagship event. Sue Hill, former police officer and presenter of The Heist, was the host for last year’s online event. This is how she introduced proceedings:
Every year the BSIA receives countless entries from across the security industry showcasing some of the great work that is happening on a daily basis, highlighting the professionalism, customer service, ingenuity and genuine commitment from members of the security industry.

This work often goes under the radar and rarely gets the praise and recognition it deserves.

I know from my background when policing Central London, smash and grabs was the bane of my life but security services and police working together reduced that significantly

These security officers and the companies they represent play a critical role in keeping the people, property and places safe on our behalf.

And there is some outstanding professionalism and commitment to the industry on display
That’s as relevant this year as last.

SME of the Year - 2022 Winner!

The SME of the year award celebrates SMEs who demonstrate how the professional security industry operates in the 21st century. Taken from the BSIA website, here’s why the judges chose Fenix.

What do you think? Is it in line with our goal?
"Fenix Monitoring takes its commitment to the industry seriously, integrating multiple new technologies, investing heavily in staff development, building a training facility and delivering on its partnership model of engaging with and encouraging the interaction of its customers, giving them an experience rather than just a transactional, unthoughtful security service."
SME of the Year. Fenix Monitoring
You can find out more about all the winners on the BSIA website

Huge thanks to Securitas for sponsoring this award and congratulations to all the other finalists. With so many excellent businesses amongst the finalists it was a very difficult Award to win.
  • Bold Security
  • Drone Defence
  • Link CCTV Systems
  • Shred Stations
  • Zitko Consulting
  • PeopleSafe

Sponsoring The Innovative Security Project Award

As part of our commitment to the BSIA, outstanding security in general and our goal to change the perception of the monitoring sector… each year we sponsor an award. The Innovative Security Project Award. And this is why…

Here's Carl Meason again:
"Innovation is in everything we try to do at Fenix. I’ve never agreed with the old saying “if it ain’t broke don't fix it”. If it isn’t broken, it is easy to improve"
And that’s why a huge part of what we do at Fenix revolves around Kaizen - continuous improvement… But back to the Innovative Security Project Award…

Huge congratulations go to the winners: SmartWater Group for their Domestic Abuse Reduction Strategy.

And to the other finalists:
  • Aviation General Security Awareness Training - CAMOR
  • ECHO - Electronic Call Handling Operations
  • Guardian Rapid Deployment CCTV - Galliford Try
  • Merlin 10 - Mitie
  • My Base App 2.0 - CSL Group
  • Operation Tartarus - Mitie/Co-op/Merseyside Police
  • Project Zeal - Mitie/Co-op/Nottinghamshire Police
  • Protest Activity Map - SecuriGroup
  • Salus - Bold Security
  • Securitas Intelligence Unit - Securitas UK
  • Smartwater - Mitie/Co-op
  • Zitko Talent - Zitko
  • G4S Academy - G4S
From the judges:
"Smartwater’s innovative and courageous use of forensic marking to deter the perpetrators of domestic abuse has seen a significant reduction in crime, an increased confidence in policing, and an increase in feelings of safety, clearly demonstrating how the security industry can and is impacting positively on what is a national and moral objective to reduce violence against women and girls."
Innovative Security Project: Domestic Abuse Reduction Strategy - SmartWater Group
Absolutely. Fantastic work SmartWater group. We applaud you.

While The CCTV Monitoring Cat Is Away…?

The monitoring industry does not stop for awards! Fenix team at work while others play!
The mice will play… Something like that.

The point is, the monitoring industry does not stop.

So while a large proportion of the Fenix Monitoring team were having a wonderful day out in London. Making the most of all the opportunities to bring on a multitude of new customers at the BSAI Awards…

We needed our Operations team and a couple of heroes to manage the ARC...

Thank you to the wider team for holding the fort and an extra special thank you to Michael Thomas and Aaron Spicer for wearing all our capes whilst we attended.

If you’re looking for award winning CCTV Monitoring…

Awards are great, but the day job does not change. And that’s where Fenix excels. Providing 21st century alarm monitoring partnerships that truly understand the installer’s point of view.

You can expect:
  • Lightning-fast connections so you're not left hanging around
  • System health check - spot issues before they become problems for your customers
  • Proven value - show your clients how effective your security system is at preventing break ins and other crime
  • Rapid communication and reporting during incidents - reports with you and your client before the workday starts
"Resounding positive feedback about their first class service, their competitively priced packages, and the speed and ease with which they establish new connections etc."
Nick Southern
Davis Site Security
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