A CCTV monitoring company that asks YOU the right questions

As a CCTV installation company or security manager, have you ever been left with a CCTV monitoring contract that's simply unsuitable?

If you have... all is not lost. Fenix is a company that wants to find out what YOUR needs are, not what we think you need. An ARC you can trust to provide you with the best possible monitoring service. At a fair price.

We do this by making sure we ask YOU the right questions before we start working with you!

Now, I don't want you to think this is just sweet talk... Like the sweet talk, your current ARC salesman gave you. Right before you signed the sub-standard contract you're unhappy with right now. So I'm going to show you how different Fenix is. And how the Fenix Experience our customers love could work for you too.

And to do that, I'm going to use a real example with a real customer.
CCTV monitoring company

When a Security Manager starts looking for a better service for his CCTV cameras on more than 120 sites...

The security manager for a large national car showroom company came to us. He'd read our website. Liked what he saw and wanted to find out if it was just marketing blurb, sales sweet talk or the real thing. He wanted to know if Fenix could provide the CCTV monitoring services that would promote a security culture across the entire company?

Staff had lost faith. They didn't trust the security. And things were only getting worse. The existing contractual terms didn't work for him. And there were far too many incidents being missed.

What questions should your remote monitoring station ask YOU… before you sign up for their services?

These will vary, of course, but here are the topics we asked the Security Manager questions about:
  1. Missing incidents
  2. Incident reports
  3. Reporting
  4. Quality service

When your remote monitoring service misses this many incidents...

It's time to change your CCTV monitoring provider when they miss 25 incidents in 6 months!

Look, it happens to us all. Occasionally... And when it does, you need to acknowledge the mistake. And show your client what you've put in place to ensure it won't happen a second time. And certainly not a 25th time...

Stop for a minute. Think about the PAIN those 25 missed incidents caused. The cost in time. And money. And in the ever-fading security culture. Exactly what he wanted to reverse.

Not good.

Rapid incident reports… sent immediately?

You'd hope so. Given all those missed incidents.

Sadly, not.

It seems this was a remote monitoring station that didn't send incident reports! So even when they did catch intruders, thieves or vandals up to no good. No report was sent.

Leaving the poor Security Manager in the dark. Instead, he is informed by the site suffering the break-in. The site that has the entire mess to clean up. In this case, smashed glass, missing parts and vehicles!

So he's left waiting for information. With no idea of what's gone on. And then chasing. Wasting half the week frustrated and waiting. For information that never comes. He feels foolish. And looks like an idiot to staff and senior management alike.

Totally unacceptable. A miserable experience.
A remote CCTV monitoring company that gets it right
A remote CCTV monitoring company that gives you what you need!

The follow-up question your current remote CCTV monitoring company NEVER asks you...

Are you a soft touch?

Our guy said, "Yes, we are".

How awful is that for a professional Security Manager to admit?

Criminals KNOW you're a soft touch. With 25 break-ins in 6 months!

Your security culture is missing. There's no support from your Alarm Receiving Centre. No help and no chance of improvement - for one simple reason:

Your current CCTV monitoring station is not providing the service to enable improvements.

Our poor Security Manager had been left with the impossible task - to make security improvements on his own. There was no attempt at a security partnership. No attempt to understand his point of view. Or his pain.


Surely the regular reports were good though... weren't they?

Hmmm... no.

This will probably sound like I'm trying to say that the whole of the UK's CCTV monitoring station industry is shocking... apart from Fenix.

I'm not.

There are other leading CCTV monitoring companies who also do a great job. But, sadly, most don't. And their reports...

Reports serve one purpose only. To cover their backs. Okay, I've said it.

They send you a huge tome. Pages upon pages. That you'll never wade through. But it allows them to say:

"But... we told you that in the report"

This is no good to anyone. And completely the opposite of what you can expect with the Fenix Experience.

What a quality CCTV monitoring service should look like - the Fenix Experience

By now you're probably wondering what the Fenix Experience is. It's simply this:

We genuinely want to help you to improve your security. Help you stop the bad guys. And we'll work tirelessly on your behalf to make it happen.

They're not empty words. Our CCTV monitoring services and the Fenix Experience are designed specifically to deliver this result for you.

So that you can focus on your business, not on your security.

Sadly, it's NOT what you will get from most CCTV monitoring companies.

Here's what you can expect from us:
Kaizen in numbers...
For 2020, our average response time for CCTV activations was just 9 seconds! And now in 2022 it's 8.4 seconds. Smashing our target of 20 seconds

Fenix, Beating not Meeting British Standards

Rapid incident reports

An incident happens. One of our staff catches it. You are sent the report. Immediately. In real-time, effectively, as long as you keep track of your emails overnight.

Our Security Manager was excited about this. This crucial part of everyday CCTV services that everyone should have is normal for us. Crucial but standard.


We're always looking to get better. It's the Kaizen - continuous improvement - at the heart of the Fenix Experience. So if the standard is 95.5% that's the starting point. It's chipping away at the remaining 4.5% that gets us excited. Really.
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Management Reports and the front foot...

Transparent. If we make a mistake, we'll put our hands up. And work out how to fix things. Then fix them. So we won't waste your time trying to cover our backs with huge rambling reports.

Useful. You get a condensed management report. You can have the full one if you want... But our slimmer version is much more useful.

Our Security Manager can present it to the board, for a top-level overview. This saves them a huge job. Because all the wading, collating and summarising is done on our side.

And then there's the front foot part. And this is crucial. It works in two ways.

Front foot reporting solves issues before they become an incident!

This is something so valuable. We're ALWAYS trying to find issues rather than let issues find us. Once you experience this quality of CCTV monitoring services you'll never want to go back...

We'll tell you where your camera coverage is poor. Maybe you've placed your zoom cameras on the wrong side of a wall. Perhaps shrubbery, sales flags or balloons are blocking the line of sight. Maybe the lighting is compromised. Allowing you to make changes to improve your security.

It's proactive. A little like finding the trips and hazards before a Health and Safety accident happens.
"how easy the transfer to Fenix Monitoring has been, over the course of my career I have worked with several monitoring stations, a lot of them the "best monitoring stations in the UK" however I think it worth mentioning that our current move to Fenix Monitoring has been the easiest transfer I ever done in the industry, the team has been nothing but accommodating and helpful, they have gone above and beyond where possible and I honestly don't believe I could ask for more"

Searching out issues with audio challenges

Audio warnings and issues. What?

Okay. It is not obvious… but stay with me.

An audio challenge always provides a STRONG sense of security. They are a great security feature because criminals often test the water before trying out your security for real.

However, at Fenix, we take things further.

We're not just looking at the immediate danger - gangs hanging around or thieves smashing their way in. It's the bigger security picture too.

So our operatives use audio challenges even when a threat might not be immediately apparent.

Our guys may challenge someone to prove they are really staff. Or remind a member of staff to arm the system, if it is disarmed.

This adds to your security culture. And lets everyone know they are being observed. Helps the lone worker feel safe. And deters any would-be in-house thieves.

In short, at Fenix, we're proactive. Pushing you for info. And if we find an issue, we'll inform you. Where appropriate, in real-time.

Not just catching them, we're actively looking at ways to minimise incidents. And providing you with the data so you can show the impact of the security improvements you made. You won't get that at your average CCTV monitoring station!
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Transferring your CCTV monitoring to Fenix is...

It's straightforward. Transferring is not as difficult as people think. And that includes your current Alarm Receiving Centre!

Our Security Manager was deeply worried about the transfer. He was concerned that his current provider would cut them off. The connection would stop dead. And leave the whole 120+ sites without any monitoring at all. And, worse still, all data would be lost...

Well, no need to worry. Fenix has you covered.

We'll prepare everything upfront. So, even if your current provider is being awkward. You don't have to tell them until the very last minute. And for regular transfers we'll have you connected in an hour. Larger transfers, like this one, are more complicated and may take a little longer.

And, of course, all your data will be preserved. Customer details, usernames, passwords, access to DVRs etc.

What about your CCTV monitoring costs?

Well, we've made this very easy. Easy enough for you to be able to work out a quote for yourself. Without a single phone call to us. You can read more here

Suffice to say, we treat a camera as a camera. And charge £10 per camera per month for remote CCTV monitoring. And half again for confirmation. Simple.

Fenix - a CCTV monitoring company that asks the right questions

You'll love the Fenix Experience. We're a CCTV monitoring company that asks the right questions and genuinely cares about your security.

Our proactive approach will help you build a better security culture by improving your security. We're not just catching incidents when they occur - we're actively looking for ways to prevent them from happening in the first place.

And with our straightforward transfer process, switching to Fenix is easy. You'll have everything you need to delight your end-users.

So if you're dreaming of an ARC that almost never misses an incident. Delivers your reports immediately. Works with you to make your security function better. A monitoring station that beats rather than meets British Standards.

And asks all the right questions...

Give Fenix a call, or click the yellow button and use the Quick Quote form. We'll call you back ASAP. We'll be delighted to help.

You’ll speak to a real human being. Ready to listen, understand and help with your business. Never a hard nosed sales person desperate to grab your business and meet this month's sales target…
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Isn't it time your CCTV monitoring company provided the service you deserve?
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